International Call Divert and Special Non Geographic Numbers

Your Business Needs One!

Non Geographic Numbers (NGN's)

We have a range of NGN's available for you, usually with no set-up charges and no monthly charges. All you pay for are our low call charges. You can also divert your number to any phone, whether in the UK or abroad. We have available from stock, 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers. Each of these can be diverted to a UK landline or Mobile of your choice, which you can change / control by just making a simple phone call, 24/7.

Use this link for a brief explanation of the special number types available

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International Call Divert

Give your customers or friends a UK phone number to call you on, whether an 0800, 0845, 0870 or 0871 number, and we will divert it to anywhere in the world to a number of your choice.

  • We can divert to an overseas Landline or Mobile (diverting to a UK Mobile physically overseas is possible but not recommended due to your own Network's high roaming charges). We can divert both voice and fax calls.
  • The caller will be unaware of the destination of the call
  • The cost to you can be NIL if diverting to many European, USA, Canada, Australia landlines, using an 0871. Please contact us for specific pricing to your destination.
  • Monthly fees - The 0800/0845/0870/0871 number is allocated on the understanding that there is a reasonable amount of usage for each number. The company will initiate a low usage monthly charge on the account (currently set at £2 per month).  Where monthly revenue or monthly call minutes generated exceed the value of £60 over any 12 month period, the account will be re-credited with the low usage charges for that period.   
  • Pre-paid account so that you can control the cost to you (if any)
  • The cost to the caller can vary from Nil to 10p per minute, depending on your choice of number.
  • One phone call changes the destination number (for those who are travelling). You can change this as many times as you wish at no charge.