Calling Accounts and Customer Experiences


Here are just 4 examples where people have benefited from using justphone calling accounts:

Mr and Mrs Sheldon's daughter is working in Zambia for a year. They speak to her twice a week for about 10 minutes, using their justphone Calling Account. Mr Sheldon said "with the money we have saved using justphone, we are planning a holiday to Zambia to visit our daughter" (BT rates to Zambia are 131p and justphone rates are 19p ! Over the year, the Sheldons will save £1,165.

Mr Jones recently married a lady from Indonesia. She does not speak English very well and misses her family in Jakarta. She calls home every day for 10 minutes. With justphone this costs her around £4.13 per week. With BT, it would have cost her about £75.60 ! Mr Jones is delighted. He is saving £3,700 per annum!!

Mr Duncan has an American girlfriend who he calls almost every night. He spends on average 10 minutes on the phone, say 5 days per week. This costs him £1.95 per week. With BT, it would have cost him £12. (You work out the rest!)

Mrs Ribeiro's sons go to school in Central London. The Headmaster has banned Mobile phones from the school, and the boys need to call her to arrange transportation when the trains are running late etc. They use an easy dial Calling Account from a BT payphone, without having to worry about carrying change! They are delighted!